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Kevin Murphy Angel Wash
Kevin Murphy Angel Wash

finally took the plunge + went fully bleached out. i must say, blondes really do have more fun!


now if you’re looking for lighter shades, here are a few tidbits i’ve gather in going from ombre to blonde:


1. do not attempt at home! leave this to the experts + find a stylist who specializes in blonde hair.


2. ask about olaplex as an alternative to bleach! it actually strengthens the hair follicle while lightening. i wouldn’t be this blonde if it wasn’t for the magic of olaplex.

3. invest in the proper haircare products. kevin murphy’s angel line is my current go-to with their purple s’poo, conditioner + deep conditioning treatment. why purple shampoo? think of it like paint. lilac shades help cancel out any brassy/yellow undertones that may occur between appointments.


4. trim trim trim. avoid additional breakage + keep those ends fresh!



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