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last month I partnered with minnetonka moccasin to whip up a few music festival hairstyles for 2014. you may have caught the “kinky + knotty” look already for all my dirty-haired gals. this time around we went the minimalist route with this simple, looped style. get the steps below in 3, 2, 1…
step 1: grab a chunk of hair above the ear and create a 2-3 knots a few inches apart. or if you’re not feeling the loops, try a few simple braids instead. 
step 2: secure the end of your knotted (or braided) strand by pushing a bobby pin in the opposite direction. be sure to double up on pins so your style doesn’t loosen during those long band sets. (or for you hardcore head bangers!)
step 3: select a 2nd strand (or 3rd too) and repeat the steps above. finish it all off with a dash of hairspray! happy styling loves! xx
photos by alessandra
style in collaboration w/corinne + scotti from cheeky strut salon